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All-purpose canopy weight

4 versatile weights.
15lbs. each • Length 26.375" •
Width 3.250" • Height 2.875"

This new weight is so versatile we call it the "Swiss Army" knife of canopy weights.

Slim design looks great and reduces trip hazard.
Vertical - Weights can be hung vertically and can be "chained" together for serious weight.
Horizontal - Weights can be attached to hang horizontally from cross braces.
Velcro straps are included making attachment quick & easy. Also included are 2 stainless steel C-hooks for hanging or chaining together a pair of weights. (We also offer an accessory kit of 4 stainless stell C-hooks should your application require additional C-hooks.)
Duracast VHSC - Combines a thick outer shell of high density polyethylene filled with Duracast VHSC (very high strength concrete).
Use these weights rain or shine - they won't rust.
Fits leg sizes through 2 1/2"


Set of 4 Ingot C-hooks (stainless steel).

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